is an online style and pattern forecasting agency based in London, uk, globally well known for its online pattern research and predictions. Customers choose them for their skills in perfectly forecasting style and lifestyle styles from year to year, and for them ability to help their potential customers easily see how styles can be converted into their own designs and designs.


trend experience over a decade was founded in 2002 by ex-Central St Martins fashion graduate Jaana Jätyri, and is respected within the global fashion scene as a provider of accurate trend analysis and forecasts. has more than 150 trendspotters stationed around the globe, watching the markets and runways, interpreting new developments and analysing new looks, styles and trends. Trendstop works with retailers, global brands and manufacturers to tell them what consumers will be buying next season, translating trend concepts into commercial must-haves.


influencer approach specialize in tapping into the mindsets of influencers and early trend adopters who unlock the thinking and motivations of the wider mainstream. Our access to a well-connected network of influencers and opinion-shapers within fashion and lifestyle enables a deep understanding of trends and topics relevant to specific markets and categories. Being located in London, Trendstop is immersed in the latest trends – as they happen.

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