Brightspot Market 2013


It was a fine night to visit the last day of Brightspot Market with my girlfriend to observe this hype market. My purpose is to see my friend’s booth, meeting some friends, and just to simply look around.

Brightspot Market is a market with local tenants originally from all over Indonesia. From branded brands to fresh-face brands by Indonesian youth. The market is designated by youth and for youth.


This is one of my favorite stand. The design is really cool and edgy. I’m a regular to this brand, Skelly. And was a coincidence that i wore a jacket from that fateful brand i happen to love.


Txture is one of my friend’s tenant, this brand has already obtained its popularity of all those high-quality handmade shoes they have sold. I also wore the brand’s shoes that day. I keep a good relationship with Joe, the owner of Txture. This is one of local brand from Bandung. He is a man who keeps his customer’s loyalty treasured, it was proven, that day he gave me a shirt as a token of gratitude because we met for the first time since we keep our relationship virtually. This is Txture’s website:


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