Foto-foto diatas adalah sebuah pengalaman saya ketika mengikuti workshop Lean Startup Machine di Singapura pada tanggal 22-24 Maret 2013 lalu. Acaranya bertempat di The HUB Singapore (113 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238165)

“Lean Startup Machine is an intensive educational workshop where entrepreneurs learn how to build what their customer want.”

Acara yang berlangsung 3 hari itu sangat berarti bagi saya, dimana diajarkan cara menggunakan validation board dan semua peserta di beri kesempatan untuk pitching ide selama 30 detik per orang. Yang terpilih, akan di realisasikan idenya dan di validasi terlebih dahulu langsung terjun ke orang-orang yang menjadi target, di Singapur.

“Get Out of the Building”

Maksud dari kata-kata tersebut adalah dimana ide kita yang akan di validasi keluar ruangan, terjun langsung ke jalan untuk menyamakan problem hypothesis dengan problem yang benar-benar terjadi di masyarakat dengan interview sederhana. bila cocok akan tervalidasi di validation board, bila tidak langsung masuk ke pivot berikutnya. 

Lean Startup Machine sangat bagus untuk menjalankan sebuah startup, karena tools tersebut sangat jitu terhadap problem yang benar-benar terjadi di sekitar, bukan hanya ide kita yang terealisasi, melainkan akan jadi Pain Killer bagi orang yang membutuhkan.

45 Business Idea We Love in 2011

Business News Daily is an online information resource required for business owners who are willing to start up a business. The site material are very valuable as it talk about about the newest information & styles, start-up fundamentals, money & fund, revenue & marketing, and technological innovation remedy.

In the end of the season 2011, just before the New Years Eve time was ticking, Business News daily launch an content about businesses that was popular along the season 2011. The content could be found after the simply simply click news and pattern area at the selection bar.

Business News Daily had came up with a lot of start-up businesses during 2011, which range from specialized to the household. The author seems that there is still many practical possibilities to start new small company despite the constant economic downturn. Below mentioned the most potential start-up business this season.


Trendstop.com is an online style and pattern forecasting agency based in London, uk, globally well known for its online pattern research and predictions. Customers choose them for their skills in perfectly forecasting style and lifestyle styles from year to year, and for them ability to help their potential customers easily see how styles can be converted into their own designs and designs.


trend experience over a decade

Trendstop.com was founded in 2002 by ex-Central St Martins fashion graduate Jaana Jätyri, and is respected within the global fashion scene as a provider of accurate trend analysis and forecasts. Trendstop.com has more than 150 trendspotters stationed around the globe, watching the markets and runways, interpreting new developments and analysing new looks, styles and trends. Trendstop works with retailers, global brands and manufacturers to tell them what consumers will be buying next season, translating trend concepts into commercial must-haves.


influencer approach

Trendstop.com specialize in tapping into the mindsets of influencers and early trend adopters who unlock the thinking and motivations of the wider mainstream. Our access to a well-connected network of influencers and opinion-shapers within fashion and lifestyle enables a deep understanding of trends and topics relevant to specific markets and categories. Being located in London, Trendstop is immersed in the latest trends – as they happen.

JWT Intelegence : Converting Cultural Shifts Into Opportunities

http://www.jwtintelligence.com possessed by an organization of emails (marketing communication), based in New You are able to. There are an yearly prediction of styles for the long run, new technological innovation is constantly on the take center level. Of course, the review will be very beneficial for entrepreneurs, especially those related to technological innovation, innovative sectors, and way of life.


Opprtunities? possibilities is exploitable set of conditions with unclear result, demanding dedication of sources and including visibility.

Trend? A design of constant change in a situation, result, or process, or a typical propensity of a sequence of information factors to shift in a certain route over time, showed by a line or bend on a chart.

Online Marketing Blog Review: Top Rank

TopRank is a on the internet promotion agency that helps companies increase sales, brand visibility on the internet and develop better client engagement. The blog is the part of TopRank internet promotion that specialize in content based client acquisition and relationship programs that emphasize content promotion, social networking, seo, business blogging and promotion, and on the internet advertising.

TopRank gives a remarkable information about the world of promotion from different sectors. The website mainly put together resources that a company professional should know and modified. TopRank weblog also link visitors to the primary TopRank internet promotion website. The website provide details of promotion news, highlight, and activities. Besides, TopRank’s primary business is being the organization of innovative and personalized internet promotion service.

Creative Opera. Review : 80+ Must-Read Design Blogs

Creative Opera
adalah wadah bagi para penulis blog untuk bisa lebih kreatif, disini blogger bisa mengembangkan idenya dengan inspirasi-inspirasi di dalam webiste ini. Creative Opera memberikan link untuk kita belajar mengenai bagaimana bisa meng-edit blog atau mendesain lebih menarik.  Artikel tersebut menggolongkan 80 situs yang keren menjadi sepuluh kategori : All-in-OneInspirationTutorialsWeb Development/CodeFreelanceLogos & TypographyAdvice & DiscussionFreebies & GiveawaysBlogging, dan Micro-Blogs/Links.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 10.50.31 PM

Creative Something

Innovative Something is a site providing article to improve suggestions and motivational documents. The website is established by Tanner Christensen, who is words estimated above. He is an innovative expert, business owner, and internet professional. Tanner has set out on an committed trip to discovered about creativity.

“Creative thinking are innate. One connection leads to another, which leads to another, and so on.”

Our mind catch and remember minutes we have done. So thats when we see new modify in some situation, mind performs to figure out it, what occurred, what has been missing, etc. That is known as Tatcher Impact. We should try to understand what the distinction when it turned.


“Creativity, as I’ve learned, is our innate ability to solve problems, dream up new inventions, have big and small ideas, and change our world. Yet, despite its impact on the world, creativity is still a very ambiguous and often confusing topic for many of us. Even psychologists and scientists can’t fully explain the process of creativity, or where and how thoughts or new ideas are formed.”

Brightspot Market 2013


It was a fine night to visit the last day of Brightspot Market with my girlfriend to observe this hype market. My purpose is to see my friend’s booth, meeting some friends, and just to simply look around.

Brightspot Market is a market with local tenants originally from all over Indonesia. From branded brands to fresh-face brands by Indonesian youth. The market is designated by youth and for youth.


This is one of my favorite stand. The design is really cool and edgy. I’m a regular to this brand, Skelly. And was a coincidence that i wore a jacket from that fateful brand i happen to love.


Txture is one of my friend’s tenant, this brand has already obtained its popularity of all those high-quality handmade shoes they have sold. I also wore the brand’s shoes that day. I keep a good relationship with Joe, the owner of Txture. This is one of local brand from Bandung. He is a man who keeps his customer’s loyalty treasured, it was proven, that day he gave me a shirt as a token of gratitude because we met for the first time since we keep our relationship virtually. This is Txture’s website: http://www.txture.asia


Child’s Play

Setelah melihat website http://creativeoverflow.net/how-to-enhance-creativity-in-school-children/ saya menangkap bahwa setiap guru dalam suatu institusi harus mempunyai insting berpikir kreatif. “Menjadi kreatif adalah tentang menemukan cara-cara inovatif untuk memecahkan masalah, menghasilkan ide-ide baru dan mencari cara untuk membuat hal-hal yang lebih baik” begitu kutipan yang saya dapat dari website tersebut. Kreatif memang bakat dari IQ setiap individu, tetapi menurut saya hal tersebut dapat dilatih sejak dini agar mengembangkan pemikiran “out of the box” sejak dini.


Menurut website tersebut, terdapat tiga jenis permainan yang akan meningkatkan kreativitas, yaitu :

1. Word Games

Salah satu contoh permainan Word Games adalah scrabbles, permainan ini adalah permainan yang menghubungkan kata-kata.

2. Visual Thingking Games

Game ini mengembangkan imajinasi untuk berpikir lebih luas lagi.

3. Drawing Games

Menggambar adalah salah satu cara untuk mengeluarkan imjainasi di otak dengan gambar.

Creative Generalist


Creative Generalist didirikan oleh Steve Hardy, bagi para orang-orang kreatif, para pencetus ide dan gila akan sesuatu yang beda dan inovatif di seluruh dunia. Impsirasi tersebut di susun dengan suatu wadah website dengan gaya yang khas, simple dan menarik. 2

Website ini menghubungkan setiap orang yang punya ide kreatif dan berani untuk mengekspresikan dengan bebas. Terdapat tools untuk berhubungan dengan orang-orang diseluruh dunia yang disebut “People” untuk masuk ke Society of Creative generalis.screen-shot-2013-02-13-at-9-47-47-pm

Creative Generalist juga merupakan website yang berisi artikel oleh anggota blog. Blog dikategorikan berdasarkan cerita, kesehatan, teknologi, pendidikan, dan rekreasi. Kita juga dapat melihat dengan media foto atau video.